The Electromagnetic Fountain

Antenna aesthetics: nature?

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Here are some examples of camouflaged antennas resembling nature’s wonders.

  • Rock

A boulder offered by Larson Camouflage offering services for mobile communications with headquarters in Tucson, Arizona.

hatch closed :
hatch open:

This Wireless Rock in Santa Susana Pass, California houses one or more wireless antennas. The lifting ring bolt at the top of the rock is a nice touch.

outside view:
inside view (with 2 coaxial cables showing that the rock transmits and receives):

A rock with a warning sign by Nextel at its Rocky Peak site in the Santa Susana Pass, California.

warning sign:

  • Cactus

Spot the antenna?

Saquaro Fountain Hills, Arizona:

  • Tree stub

  • Palm

California dreamtime, a palm in the sunset:

A cell palm with a diamond shaped date!
(The “date” is a microwave panel for saving the carrier the cost of leasing a data line from the local telephone company.)

Pretty sad palms in Sprint’s Desert Hot Springs monopalm site.

  • Pine

A pine antenna in San Diego County. The red light on the top of the cell pine tree warns off low flying helicopters.

A monopine – Lake Elsinore, California

  • Bison

Verizon’s cellular bison, located in Carr, Colorado

close view:


Written by ajsteggell

May 24, 2007 at 12:04 pm

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