The Electromagnetic Fountain


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Telecom Museum, Oslo, Norway
Norwegian Telecom Museum, Oslo.
20th March – 11 July 2010


Antenna Aesthetics
Exhibition of audio/visual antenna portraits at the Sound of Mu, Oslo
20th -31st March 2010

National Research Days
Telemark University College, Porsgrunn, Norway
18-27  September 2009

Article 08. Biannual Exhibition for Electronic and Unstable Art
City Square, Stavanger, Norway
15 – 28th November 2008

Culture Night
City square, Posrgrunn, Norway
8-9th November 2008


Late night at the Museum
29th April 2010
Norwegian Telecom Museum

Meeting and debate: electromagnetic radiation
24th March 2010
Norwegian Telecom Museum

21 November 2009
Weld, Srockholm
Organised by EMS (Institute for Electroacoustic  Music in Sweden) and Weld

Upgrade Berlin
27 July 2009
Sculpture Park, Mitte Berlin
– the Electromagnetic Fountain featured in an artist presentation I gave during Upgrade, Berlin BBQ.
Organised by Upgrade and Transmediale

Cities Re-imagined
8-9 May 2009
– a seminar arranged by BUU and Atelier Nord in Oslo.
Coordinators: Synne Bull and Jeremy Welsh.

Presentation of the Electromagnetic Fountain in the context of “Urban interventions; artistic strategies for occupying, exploring or revealing urban spaces” as a panelist with Vibeke Jensen and Michelle Teran.

KHIB plenary session
Bergen National Academy of the Arts; Norway
12 January 2009

Presentation of the Electromagnetic Fountain at the National Academy of the Arts in Bergen.

Hordaland Art Centre Lecture Series
Bergen, Norway
30 September 2008

Presentation of the Electromagntic Fountain as a work-in-progress arranged by BEK (Bergen Centre for Electronic Art) at HKS (Hordaland Art Centre).

Music Technology Days 2008
organised by BEK (Bergen Centre for Electronic Art), Norway
11 September 2008

The Electromagnetic Fountain as case study for unusual use of music technology in art installation.


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