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Ghost Hunting 101

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HC Gilje sent me a link to Ghost Hunting 101, that provides a short history and various electromagnetic detection techniques used by ghost hunters.

It also includes classifications of haunting (developed by TriPar )

Class A – Classic Haunting
Exhibits intelligence, interacts etc. Fun/hazardous. Can bite, hit, shove, kick, and throw objects.

Class B – Residual Haunting
A “recording of time” that keeps playing itself over and over. Speculation: residual “psychic” impressions left on the land or building due to extreme emotional stress.

Class C – Poltergeist Activity
Activity conducted by a human agent, often a pubescent child thought to be creating a PK Burst or PSI activity. MRI scans often show an increase in Theta brain wave activity and possible over activity in the Pineal Gland.



Written by ajsteggell

May 13, 2007 at 10:13 pm

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