The Electromagnetic Fountain

Sunday at the warehouse

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Arrived today to find that my feathery friends have been using the fountain bowl as a toilet!

Company Pigeon poo 2

The leakage from the pump department does not seem to have got worse, so that’s a good sign.

Working with the sniffer
Spent the day testing how the VLF sniffer and the mobile phone worked when connected to the fountain bowl. At first, it seemed that the electronic parts of the fountain were creating too much noise to get a clear signal. Then I did various tests with numerous cables and plugs on the Alesis sound interface, as well as the audio plug/cable of the VLF sniffer, and found that there seems to be some malfunctions with the sound interface inputs – but perhaps it is the cables/adapters, that are the problem. I eventually plugged the most sturdy mini jack cable from the sniffer directly into the mac mini, by passing jack-mini jack adapters, and got much better results. So I’m dumping the sound interface  – it is a bit superfluous anyway, as it seems that I’ll only using one sound input/sniffer this time around. There are just too many variables to trouble test right now.

Another strange occurrence
When I ran the fountain patch in max/msp a strange thing happened. When I had the sub-patch that visualizes the sound input analysis open, the fountain behaved as if it was getting calls on the mobile – in other words, as if a BIG change had occurred. When I closed the sub-patch, everything behaved “normally”. I’m not sure why this is happening.

RGB light control
With everything running as it should, I started to work on the rgb light control. It is a simple composition of shifting red and blue tones with a constant green value. The pentagon lights have twice the amount of green as the central jet lights. Exacly what I did, I can’t remember (I’ll have to take some screen shots later), but the result is a pulsating shift between red and blue, with hints of white/yellow in between sometimes. Faster on the pentagon jet lights, more smooth on the central jet lights. When the phone rings, they all meet together in a crescendo of red. Sometimes the rhythm and transintion is smooth, sometimes jerky, but it feels good and connected.

Naught to Thirty-nine (with some numbers missing)
I used up all my camera battery taking pictures of the warehouse – namely places where things must have stood once, marked with numbers painted in yellow. You can see them here.

Written by ajsteggell

October 19, 2008 at 9:52 pm

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