The Electromagnetic Fountain

An exciting day at Frank’s workshop

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So, I finally arrived in Skien and got my first glimpse of the Electromagnetic Fountain for real in Frank Ralle’s workshop!

EMF jets

Here it is, with 6 nozzles mounted on the bowl which rests on a square-shaped base.
Here’s the base with the bowl taken off, and upside down.

EMF base EMF base 2

There I discovered a hexagon within which three triangular chambers are in construction. I am fascinated by the way Frank has thought about the geometry of the whole construction – drawing various geometric forms out of the pentagon/circle form. It is all very alchemic.

The 3 chambers will hold the fountain’s electrical components.

1. The computer (Mac mini), 2 rgb led light controllers, cls dmx dimmer, LAN box LCX, Alesis sound interface and Milford Electronics DMX switch/relay box.

2. The “wet” components – 2 pumps and 5 solenoid valves.

3. The EM sniffers.

We start to find out where the components in chamber 1 should be placed (R photo).

I like the look of the base upside down – it looks like something that could be landing on Mars sometime.

Here’s the marking’s Frank has made on the hexagon for drilling holes that will carry cables up to the 8 rgb lights and the 4 EM sniffers that Martin Howse has made (still waiting for them to arrive from Berlin).

Hexagon Marking the hexagon

And here he is drilling holes!


The central jet nozzle and 3 rgb lights will be mounted on this construction …..

EMF Central Jet EMF Central Jet 02

But first it needs a bit of work ….


At some point during the day Marius The Electrician arrives to plan the work he will start tomorrow – namely connecting all the various cables to the various components together in a safe way so that folks won’t get electrocuted.

Marius the electrician EMF base

Marius works for NLI Engineering AS, the company who is responsible for projecting my project. It is obvious that this project provides him with a challenge, but he is smart, dedicated and easy to talk to, so we work through various unknown factors together – reading manuals, asking questions, etc. I discover errors on the product list. there are 2 rgb led lights missing, as well as various cables. Atle Barcley, the producer, rushes around following things up. (Sorry Atle, I didn’t get a photo of you).

At the end of the day I take a walk outside. I discover that Frank’s workshop lies on the river that flows between Prosgrund and Skien. So some pictures of the surroundings follow …. and note the beautiful summer sunshine that accompanied the day ….

Brødrene Ralle AS Junk

A strange machine Friends in the back yard

Workshop view 02 Workshop view 01

It has been a great day. It is an undescribable feeling to see something imagined taking form in the real world ……

Written by ajsteggell

October 6, 2008 at 10:21 pm

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