The Electromagnetic Fountain

Detectors for the Electromagnetic Fountain

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I’ve had several conversations with Martin Howse about the best solution for the detectors used in the Electromagnetic Fountain, and he has agreed to take on the job of designing and building for me. Great!

One of the projects Martin is working on is to develop a software defined radio system for electromagnetic detection. This system could provide a precise analysis of signal detection and allow for more sophistication with regards to the fountain than my own suggestion. However, given the factors involved in production (time, cost, my own lack of knowledge of working with PCs/OS software) this idea was dropped. Perhaps we can pick it up later. So, the original plan to interpret the sound emitted from 3 types of detectors for the control of the fountain valves, pumps and lights is the one we will go for.

SNIFFER 1: Basic little black version as built in Maxwell City workshop, Atelier Nord, Oslo 2007.
SNIFFER 2: Improved version of the Coil sniffer also built during Maxwell City ….
SNIFFER 3: A 100MHz-2.5GHz model similar to the Zap Checker Enhanced sniffer I purchased on the net, possibly with an antenna something like these.

All detectors would have to be shielded from the fountain’s own electromagnetic radiation.

The idea of having antennas that the public can pull out of the fountain base and wave around in the air has been vetoed – more difficult/expensive to implement, and would possibly be too fragile and subjected to vandalism.

Written by ajsteggell

July 19, 2008 at 4:20 pm

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