The Electromagnetic Fountain

EMF Location scouting in Stavanger

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I traveled to Stavanger in southern Norway for a couple of days to talk to the organizers of the Article 2008 exhibition where the Electromagnetic Fountain is scheduled to be shown from 15 – 30 November 2008.

Lunch meeting
L-R: Atle Barcley/ROM3 (curator/producer/co-ordinator of the EMF project and NLI partnership), Hege Tapio (i/o Lab), Daniela Arriado (i/o Lab).

Another reason for the trip was to do a rekkie to find a suitable location for the Electromagnetic Fountain to stand during the exhibition. It was not difficult to find hot spots of electromagnetic activity in the centre of the city – it has an open wireless network, and the Stavanger folks seem to be on their cell phones almost all the time.

Cell phone Electromagnetic Stavanger 05

The best place I found was in the square in front of the Stavanger 2008 building (Stavanger is the European Cultural City this year). The centre of the square is marked by a circular stone pattern and seems to be just waiting for a fountain to arrive.

Circle crossing 2 Circle crossing 1

Around it lies a church, an H&M store and a bank with a cash dispensing machine, as well as trees and benches, etc.

H&M - place to sit Cash point signals

There are 5 streets leading in to the square with a steady flow of people and loads of em signals.

Towards the sea Corner view 2

It seems like the right spot.

Though you can’t see from the photos, it was raining almost all the time, so thanks to the volunteers working in the Stavanger 2008 building who offered me help ; hot coffee, making calls to my cell phone, plastic bags for putting over my gear, and a dry T shirt!


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June 21, 2008 at 4:55 pm

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