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Four days after returning from the Desert Walker project in Wendover/Utah, USA I still have jet lag. (We flew from Los Angeles to Salt lake City, then Minnesota, Amsterdam and finally Oslo.) Is jet lag mainly caused by disrupted biological clocks? – a site that sells (dubious) EMF protection gear, suggests otherwise.

[ …… Jet Lag Causes

Usually atributed to crossing time zones, Jet Lag is a collection of symptoms your body displays after being exposed to high levels of radiation while flying. During a cross country flight from NY to LA you are subjected to more radiation from the plane then you are during a chest X-ray. These high levels of airplane radiation create stress in the body and culminate in a myriad of symptoms that we call Jet Lag.

Airplane Radiation

Recent studies have shown that airline stewardesses have a 50% greater chance of developing breast cancer than other women due to their constant exposure to airplane radiation.

“Because of their occupations, airline pilots and flight attendants routinely are exposed to higher levels of radiation than many other workers. Airline crew members and frequent flyers receive annual doses on the order of between 500 and 600 millirem.” -Council on Radioactive Waste Management

Jet Lag Symptoms

The symptoms of Jet Lag are identical to the symptoms associated with short term EMF exposure. Short term exposure to EMFs has been linked to fatigue, spaciness, dehydration, headaches, irritability, dry eyes, disorientation, insomnia, and an overall feeling of “being out of it.” ……]


Written by ajsteggell

May 3, 2008 at 10:52 am

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