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Protective/morphing clothing idea

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Thinking about a previous post about protective placebo pants and knickers by Dunne and Raby (that also inspired Dean’s comment), I kind of liked the idea of developing some kind of clothing that protects you when you pass through areas/fields of high electromagnetic activity. I also like the shapeshift notion …..

I stumbled across a fashion designer called Hussein Chalayan is showing a set of “Transformer” dresses. Each dress is designed to morph through 3 decades of fashion change.


Some use vertical slats that puff out to become more revealing. Others zip or unzip themselves and transform in a variety of ways. See the video below:

How about a garment with some kind of protective material (copper? aluminum?) that unraveled/slid into place areas of high electromagnetic density? (For my part I’m very sensitive to light frequencies, especially those emitted by halogen bulbs, and especially those in my local post office. They make me feel giddy and nauseous. I’ve asked others if they have the same experience as me, and they don’t – which surprises me. I’ve complained to people working there about it, but to no avail.)


Written by ajsteggell

May 6, 2007 at 1:47 am

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