The Electromagnetic Fountain

Energy Fluxion Band

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Gregory Shakar in collaboration with Brendan Fitzgerald

fluxion band

[From website: Sensing invisible energy.
The Energy Fluxion Band is a wearable device that displays the level of electromagnetic (EM) energy in the wearer’s immediate environment. It detects energetic radiations from an endless array of technological sources including cell phones, computers, radio transmitters and power lines. The project is meant to enhance the user’s awareness of the electromagnetic landscape that is produced by the generation, distribution and consumption of electrical energy. This terrain pervades our lives, but typically goes unnoticed.

The Energy Fluxion Band’s LED bar-graph display recalls the familiar form of audio volume indicators whose lights pulse in rhythm with incoming sounds levels. Similarly, the Energy Fluxion Band’s display fluctuates in concert with the changing amplitudes of EM signals that impinge upon it from moment to moment. For example, when the wearer switches on a microwave oven – a strong EM source – the Fluxion Band illuminates most of its LEDs and glows brightly in response to the intense emission. When the wearer makes a call on their mobile phone, the bar-graph beats rhythmically as the phone exchanges packets of wireless data with a cellular transceiver.

The Energy Fluxion Band affords wearers the ability to perceive the fluctuating hills and valleys of their electromagnetic environs. Intentional signal transmissions, and the inadvertent emanations that result from the generation and consumption of electrical power combine to form an EM “signature” that signifies the existence of a society. We are at all times bathed in this energy, as if the sky were lit up with invisible floodlights. The Energy Fluxion Band offers a keyhole through which this vast world can be observed; a glimpse of the undercurrents of our technological civilization.]

Written by ajsteggell

May 4, 2007 at 9:40 pm

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